SiQue is a versatile singer. Her voice is gentle and sometimes scathing. Through her voice she can get in touch with her listeners and gain their empathy.
In 2012 Silvia began collaborating with Alessandro Pedretti, Giuradei's drummer. The two, known as Sique and Petrol, compose their own music and their first album was released in 2013 called Suono Fantasma.
Silvia also collaborates with other local musicians like Elena Lady Cortez, keyboardist of Van Cleef Continental; the guitarists Eugenio Curti and Nicola Panteghini; the percussionists Appel; Andrea Van Cleef, Edipo, Alessandro Balotta and Reels of Joy.


Vocal Coaching

Silvia Dallera, also known as SiQue, has been in touch with music since she was a child. She initially studied transverse flute and later in 2000 she began to study singing with the teacher Claudia La Delfa.
She bagan her career as a singer at the age of 17 with some local hard rock cover bands, e.g. Soundblast. In these years Silvia has not given up her singing lessons and went on studying singing with Micaela Belotti and Anna Gotti.
She also attended many different seminaries, some of them with Lorenzo Pierobon and Petra Magoni.
Nowadays she studied with Betty Vittori for her vocal enhancement.


Music Therapy

In 2008 she got a degree in Science and technology of art and performance arts and 2 years later another degree in Music and Artheterapy at the Accademia di belle arti Laba (Brescia). Lately, in 2013, she got a further degree in Sing Therapy at the school SIC, the Italian School of Sing Therapy in Genova. She also joined Volume Up, a cultural and music association run by Marco Obertini and Ercole Gentile that provides promotion and Start Up services for bands.
From 2015 works for Siem Brescia, an Italian company for music education and she teachs propaedeutic music.


Sique Snapshots

She moved to Berlin in 2016 and started collaborating with "Le balene possono Volare" organizing laboratories for children and singing courses for adults. At the moment she is working in different kindergardens and bookshops as a music teacher for children and is teaching singing for adults at a studio in Berlin-Marzahn in connection with "Westerlandschule". Recently she also started to work as a music teacher with refugees and as a music therapist. Furthermore she is part of a band project called "Natalie's High" and also works with some women at the "assoziazione salutare".

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